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Kinder Basketball Clinics

Ryan and Alisha Samples, Michelle Campbell and Scott Smith, Basketball Managers
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  • 2018 KINDER Basketball Registration $25.00 (Non-District Registration $30 - Click Here for the Map)
  • Registration Ends November 30, 2017
  • KINDER CLINICS start January 2018.

Printable Registration Form, Rules and Other Forms

Oregon Trail Recreation District Kinder Basketball Clinics Registration Form (pdf file)
Basketball Player's Code of Conduct (pdf file)
Basketball Coaches Application and Contract (pdf file)
Basketball Sponsorship Form (pdf file)
Basketball By-Laws (pdf file)

Signup and Pay Online

Name of Child:
Birth Date:
Grade on 9/1/2017:
Shirt Size:
Name of Parent(s):
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Zip Code:
Home Phone:
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Any medical conditions we need to be aware of:
If you DO NOT want your child's name and/or picture in the newspaper, website or to appear in any public forums, please check this box.
Check if you are willing to Assistant Coach (Please fill out a Coaches Form and Agreement).
Check if you would like to sponsor a team for an additional $75.
Name of Sponsor:
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Only a parent or legal guardian may give permission for a child to play.

AGREEMENT, WAIVER AND RELEASE: In consideration for allowing my child or legal ward to participate in the above OTRD activity, I DO HEREBY WAIVE, RELEASE AND FOREVER DISCHARGE THE OTRD, their agents and assigns from all liability, claims or demands on account of any injury to said minor or damage to or loss of property while traveling to, participating in or attendance at any OTRD activity. It is my understanding that there is no insurance coverage provided by the OTRD and ALL PARTICIPANTS ASSUME THE RISK OF ACCIDENTS AND INJURIES inherent in OTRD activities.

Type your Full Name if you agree to the above consent:

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